Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lots of little steps closer!

I can't believe another couple of weeks has passed already - where has it gone?! Amongst other things we have taken delivery of most of our 'plumbing' and it is now safely in the necessary places in the ground. The septic tank was taken up to the site on the front loader of the tractor with a straw bale to protect it if it swung - all very farmer-ish!! The trench you can see here is now filled in again and hides the waste pipes all connected up to the septic tank and some fresh water pipes. Now we are expecting the solar panels for the fresh water pump to be installed next week and then it will just need the huts on the other end!
We have plumbing!
Septic tank with it's straw bale buffer!

Lane work in progress
 We have also made a start on the access lane which is in need of some improvement. The next step is to roll what is left there now and then come to a final decision on the surfacing. I'm told the roller might need a driver at the weekend...! 😲

Freshly prepared homemade apple juice and jam. Yum!
This week I have also raided the freezer stocks of last years fruit to make some jam and juice to put into our bottles and jars with our new labels. I think they look quite good, if I do say so myself. I hope that our glampers enjoy them.
We also took some photos for the website to show our standard welcome baskets and the 'Extras' option. All you need to do is put the kettle on and relax.

'Extras' option 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

It's all happening in sunny Devon!

Things have been quite busy around here over the last couple of weeks. The sheep are now rather less woolly as they have finally all been sheared.


As we lamb in November this is part of our preparation before 'tupping' or putting the rams in with the ewes. The ewes are now being given the choice of mineral buckets in their fields to help make sure they are in the best condition for conceiving and hopefully growing us another year of lambs.

Also on the farm there has been the start of 'silly season' with the first of the grass being cut and stored to make silage for the winter feed for the cows. Some of the fields have already been re-ploughed and planted with maize for the next crop.

 It has also been exciting to see some work being done this week on the actual site for our Shepherd's huts. The water has been tested and we are awaiting results to know what, if any, treatment is required and more visible is the arrival of a digger to level the site and put in some trenches for the necessary pipe work. I have to admit to having mixed feelings when first seeing the topsoil being removed but I realise it has to look worse before it can look better and we are a step closer to that now. We also took delivery of timber for some fencing and expect the arrival of the septic tank on Thursday - not everybody's idea of exciting but it is all leading us towards our amazing escape that we want you to be able to enjoy. :)
Meanwhile, the girls seem completely un-fazed by the assorted activities around them and enjoy the shade under one of their favourite trees!!