Thursday, 1 June 2017

Another week of progress in Devon

Checking the ladies in the sunshine.
 We have had another week of activity here in Devon preparing for our glampers. It has been mostly lovely weather (although there was a huge storm which had to be one the night that our 11 year old and 3 of her friends had chosen to camp in the garden...!) which has been good for us. Last weekend was a very exciting time as it saw the installation of the solar panels which are to power the water pump and filtration system to bring our
borehole water safely to our glampers in the huts. They are all wired up and the water is pumping well. Now we just need to wait for the next lot of samples to be tested to finalise the filtration requirements. The reservoir is in place and the she that will be the pump house to keep all the electrics and controls in is ready to be built. Amazing to see the little dials going round thanks entirely to the sun. :)
We have also got most of the other pipework back underground now and waiting to be used. The next big delivery here is stone for the lane improvements tomorrow. Offgrid is great but we still need our glampers to be able to get there easily!
I am hopeful that in the next week or so we shall be able to get the area fenced and the bases for the huts and hottubs sorted. It is very exciting and getting closer but I still need to use a little imagination to see everything there!
Meantime, life on the farm continues in it's usual busy manor. The sunshine makes it more pleasant to move and check the animals. 
Some young ladies out for a stroll.

Sheep check in the sunshine.
 As well as the day to day tasks it is nice to grab the chance to enjoy our lovely space in the world. After a lot of running our lovely working dog, Swift enjoys a paddle and drink in Holly Water a my favourite resting spot. Not only did she have a little rest but we also got the chace to admire some of the local residents in these gorgeous.
Damselflies. They don't like to sit still for long but are just beautiful.
Another little job that was just asking to be done was to gather some Elderflowers for cordial. A lovely smelling kitchen is the result! Happy days in Devon!