Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Work in progress...

This week we have decided on our logo. We have fiddled and changed and finally agreed that we have one that we like. Hopefully you will like it too.
We wanted to show the Holly Water stream, the hut and the sheep who will be our glampers' neighbours!
We are happy with the result and now we can put it on the labels for our homemade jam jars and apple juice bottles. Some of the small details are getting sorted out now and it feels like small steps in the right direction.
In addition we have now got evidence that there is work going on with wood in the building of our huts!

How does this look for a stack of roof sections?
It's like a slightly monotone rainbow!
Meantime we have had some lovely Spring weather in glorious Mid Devon and some beautiful sunsets although I always seem to struggle to be in quite the right place at quite the right time and I rarely have  a better camera than my phone with me. 
This was one evening saying good night to the woolly ladies. Just a minute or two earlier and the sky was ablaze!

Sadly I am no David Bailey but maybe some of our guests will do a better job!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Time is flying.

I don't know where the time goes. I haven't been here for a while but lots has been going on. We have had some amazing Spring weather some of the time over the last couple of weeks and you can really see the beautiful Devon countryside waking up. One particularly exciting wake up for me is a small colony of wild honey bees that live in one of our mature Oak trees. We spotted them first last year on a gorgeous sunny day busily foraging and very much hoped that they would survive the winter. They have made themselves a nice safe nest as they have gone up inside the tree from a gap at the bottom so nothing can get in to hurt them. I filmed them when I found them and this last week I have spotted the first few stirring in the warmer weather. Excuse the commentary - I must learn not to chat if I film things!! 

As well as the survival of our clever little bees we have moved most of the sheep back to the fields around the glamping site after their lambing and winter holidays on other parts of the farm. It is nice to have them back.
We had a visit from the hut builders this week to look at access for when the time comes to deliver the shepherds huts to us. Although the lane still needs work, a gate needs putting is nice to imagine them arriving! I have also received a few parcels in the post as I have begun shopping for our glampers! Many hours are being spent browsing and considering how we will make a perfect glamping retreat in our glorious corner of the country. On days like today it would not take much as the sun is shining and the world looks beautiful bathed in the amazing Spring light.
Last night after checking on the last of the lambs I tried (with little success) to get a picture of the most amazing sunset from the hut-tub spots at the shepherd hut site.
Not the best photography but you get the idea. Just beautiful! :)
Right now I am waiting for a phone call from Iain to say that we have a visitor to look at the lane and site to discuss the necessary groundworks so we will hopefully see some actual physical at some point fairly soon. I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, how about thinking about a little jolly for a glamping holiday in a Shepherds hut in glorious Devon? Happy times and memories waiting to be made.