Saturday, 23 September 2017

Waving Goodbye to Summer.

Well, with the Autumn Equinox yesterday I guess that our summer is now officially over. I find this quite sad as the short days are always a race on the farm to beat the daylight and I am something of a sun worshipper!. Am am, therefore, delighted that the weather has taken pity on me and we are having the most glorious sunny day here in Devon today. Our glampers that chose this weekend chose very well and were treated to a wonderful sunset last night and some real warmth in the sun today. Unfortunately most of September so far has been quite changeable so it is lovely to get a sunshine fix now.
Although Autumn is coming on we still have quite a lot of bookings to come through October and into November. We are particularly pleased to have our first visitors by recommendation here at the moment and to have a repeat booking with a return visit in November following a visit in August.
We have also been busy with harvesting here and now we are preparing for lambing which is due to start on (or near) 8th October. We have also taken delivery of a new ram for our younger home-bred ewes who will hopefully lamb in the new year.

Meet Jimbo - our new Horned Dorset ram
Amongst other things we were happy to be asked to do a few surprise 'extras' for one of our guests on a special birthday.
One of the things I love about this whole thing is seeing our glampers building new memories in our beautiful huts so having the opportunity to help a little and do a spot of special shopping on their behalf was a pleasure. It was well worth while to see the pleasure our birthday girl got from it! :)  <3

This week we managed to escape for long enough to pay a visit to this years Glamping Show in Warwickshire. We were just on the look out for some exciting new additions that we could add for our 2018 season and we found these fantastic fire-pit cum pizza ovens and some truly gorgeous handmade wooden swinging chairs. They are on order and we are very much looking forward to getting them. As they are both made to order and we asked to have them for next year I don't expect them to arrive any time very soon but it is something more that our visitors will be able to enjoy and hopefully make good use of.