Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Work in progress...

This week we have decided on our logo. We have fiddled and changed and finally agreed that we have one that we like. Hopefully you will like it too.
We wanted to show the Holly Water stream, the hut and the sheep who will be our glampers' neighbours!
We are happy with the result and now we can put it on the labels for our homemade jam jars and apple juice bottles. Some of the small details are getting sorted out now and it feels like small steps in the right direction.
In addition we have now got evidence that there is work going on with wood in the building of our huts!

How does this look for a stack of roof sections?
It's like a slightly monotone rainbow!
Meantime we have had some lovely Spring weather in glorious Mid Devon and some beautiful sunsets although I always seem to struggle to be in quite the right place at quite the right time and I rarely have  a better camera than my phone with me. 
This was one evening saying good night to the woolly ladies. Just a minute or two earlier and the sky was ablaze!

Sadly I am no David Bailey but maybe some of our guests will do a better job!

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