Friday, 7 April 2017

Busy, busy, busy!

Well the sun is shining and the world looks amazing in glorious mid Devon at the moment. If I was going on a glamping escape right now there is nowhere I would rather choose! Although we are enjoying the beautiful weather and the lovely countryside around us we are also very busy here on the farm just now.

 Blue skies and blossoming trees are a pretty sight to see on our way to check stock and carry out farm work. We are lambing some sheep for a family member who has been unwell at the moment so although our own flock won't be lambing again until October we are back on lamb watch for a while. I think this new mummy was wondering why her breakfast trough had a little foreign body in it!! Several of the babies like to hide themselves away in the patches of nettles and under
Strange Breakfast!

In addition to lambs we have been waiting for our sow, Gunta, to farrow. In the early hours yesterday she produced 8 very spotty piglets for us.
Meantime, elsewhere work continues on our shepherd huts and the website and booking facility is all underway. Lots to keep up with. :)

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