Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A busy week.

Mon 16thJanuary 2016
Well, after over a week with no phone, internet and mobile signal it was a huge relief to get it back on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately the relief was soon turned to disappointment when I found an email from Mr Planning waiting in my inbox to inform us that although our application ticked the boxes for the local and national policy and had received no objections from the local council etc he intends to recommend a refusal. After much to-ing and fro-ing in was decided that what he now wants is a full and detailed business plan to further justify our proposal. Deadline for this 17th January. Not being one to be put off easily we decided that a word with a friendly business consultant to help with how Mr Planning might like this presented would be good. After being pointed in the right direction and every spare moment being put to it (around sheep, TB testing the cattle and the first of this next batch of lambs arriving) the document was sent this evening to hopefully help persuade the powers that be. Also I am feeling the love and am very grateful to the friends and neighbours that have visisted the council website to post public comments in support of our application. We have now done all we can and continue to wait...
The cat seems to enjoy finding a sunny spot these frosty mornings! At least she is losing no sleep over it all. The tyres on top of the silage pit catch the sun very nicely thank you!

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