Saturday, 30 December 2017

Where did that time go?

Well, I simply cannot believe that long has passed since I have been here to tell you what we are up to! I only managed to introduce Jimbo the ram in the last post and he is now a daddy to the first of his baby lambs born here yesterday. They are possibly a few days early and very tiny but extremely sweet. The mummy is one of our lambs that we kept for breeding and is proving a very attentive mother. Thinking about this has made me realise where the time has gone.....we have just been to
busy to notice it whizzing by!

We had our main flock lambing in October and November alongside all the usual farm activities and October also proved to be a busy month for glampers in the Shepherd huts. It was all systems go for us here in lovely Devon! 

We have been delighted to have some visitors return for a second trip already and it has been wonderful to have visitors coming because we had been recommended to them.
We have loved meeting our guests and are delighted that 2017 saw the start of something we had talked about and planned for such a long time.  We have been lucky enough to meet people from all sorts of places and to chat to them about our life on the farm. It is easy to forget that most people live very different lives and their interest and enthusiasm for what we do has been both touching and encouraging. 
Thank you to all who have in any way contributed to our first 6 months as a Glamping Site!!
Happy New Year and Happy Glamping!

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