Sunday, 16 July 2017

Time to open

It is hard to believe that after all the dreaming, hoping, planning and working towards our goal we are now open to guests!
The last few weeks have been pretty full on here in Devon as we worked towards being ready for the arrival of our Shepherd huts. The first hut finally arrived on 3rd July. We had got the site mostly ready but were unsure how much space we would need to actually get the hut in place. We moved the hottub and storage shed for the first hut before hand.

On the big day I was very grateful for Iain's nerves and driving ability to get the Shepherd hut from the road where it was unloaded from the lorry up our narrow lane to the glamping site. The little travel wheels looked a little precarious but all went to plan. 'Oak' had a safe journey.

The next job was for the hut builders to permanently fix the solar panels back in place and to replace the travel wheels with the lovely cast iron ones,

Then for us to 'dress' it and fill it with all our glampers could need. Finally to begin the task of bringing out all the things we had stashed at home over the last months!

At this point we still needed to lay a few stepping stones and complete the fencing between our glampers and our sheep but it was looking pretty special to me.

 Now everything is finally in place inside and outside 'oak we are so happy with how it has all come together. We are also delighted that our first visitors have been pleased with what they found. Hopefully we will have many more glampers enjoying this amazing corner of the world over the coming years. 

The next step for us will be the arrival of 'Bluebell' hut at the end of the month and, although we know it can be done, until it is successfully in place I will still be keeping everything crossed and holding my breath!

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