Saturday, 19 August 2017

Another month and another hut.

Well somehow another whole month has raced on by. Life on the farm has been busy in what is usually a fairly calm period as our glamping dream has been been becoming a reality. We have had our first guests in 'Oak' hut with it being occupied each weekend since arriving as well as a few week nights in between. Then to complete our site we had to be kept on our toes as the arrival of 'Bluebell',

Iain overseeing Bluebell's arrival

Umm-ing and ahh-ing as we got Bluebell lined up properly for her water and waste points.
due on the 4th August, was delayed until 8th August which made me a little anxious and was only just in time to get the gas all connected, tested and signed off, the patio and hot-tub sited and the inside sorted out ready for our first Bluebell guests on 11th August. Now it is very exciting to see a regular change of guests in both huts and to hear some truly lovely feedback from people and very positive comments about their time with us. 
Bluebell in her spot.
Just beautiful :)
We have also been delighted to get our first booking directly from the recommendation of one of our guests which is wonderful as it makes us feel something must be right with all that we have worked so hard to achieve. 
Bluebell's cosy kingsize.

Beautiful Bluebell.
Amongst all of the other goings on we have been scanning the first group of our pedigree Dorset flock of sheep and now know who is carrying how many lambs. We also know that lambing is due to start around 10th October for about 6 weeks for the main group if you fancied being here and popping along to the lambing shed to meet some of our mums and babies.
We also have had a visit from the very handsome 'Big Bob the Boar' for our gorgeous Gunter. She is hopefully now in pig for farrowing (giving birth) at the end of October/ Start of November. Gunter is our Gloucester Old Spot breeding sow and a pig's gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. They are usually pretty spot on with this but obviously with a natural mating we can't be 100% sure which day the deed was done although we are fairly confidant and basing our birth predictions on that. She has now gone back to the sheep field for her holidays and last night I happen to know she made her first friends with some of our glamping guests. We will have to see how she behaves but she is very friendly and I hope people don't find her presence in the field intimidating.

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