Monday, 13 February 2017

Is it nearly Spring?

We have been having the most glorious day here in Devon today. It was a little chilly first thing but the sun got up and it has felt more than a little Spring-like. Ok, so I know it is not even the middle of February yet and there is plenty of time for Winter to return on us but it has still been beautiful and the perfect day to be outside busy.
On the Shepherd Hut front things are looking promising as the hut builders have hopefully found a solution to our off-grid background heating problem. Log burners will be in the huts but we need an alternative if our glampers don't want to light them or just to keep the chill off if nobody is in. This would be easy on mains electric but is less so when we are completely off-grid and doing as much as possible by solar power. It feels like we are a little closer to solving this now.
Also this week we have had a water diviner to visit the site. He has done his magic and left a little red flag flying to show where he suggests we place our borehole for our water supply.
We also have the people who will be supplying and installing the solar pump for the water supply visiting this week. Obvious water is pretty major so this feel like progress. :)
Amongst other things I have been drinking tea! I want to source as much as possible for our glampers from local and sustainable sources. I am undecided whether I prefer the Cornish tea or the Dorset tea at the moment! The simple things in life are just as important as the big things! Who wouldn't like a lovely cuppa looking at these stunning views? I'm sure I can just feel Spring around the corner...

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