Sunday, 5 February 2017

Where to start.

Well, this weekend has seen me impatiently waiting for the last 14 ewes out of this group to lamb. They all seem very content in their lambing quarters and appear to be in no hurry so I have tried to busy myself with glamping plans. I am trying really hard to resist the almost overwhelming desire to look at all the gorgeous 'finishing touch' things I plan for the Shepherd Huts and instead concentrate on the more practical issues. As our aim is to be off-grid and as sustaiable, environmentally friendly and self contained as possible that involves speaking to borehole drillers and sourcing solar pumps for said borehole. Also discussing with the hut builders the options open to us for inside the huts if dependant on solar power, 12v battery back up and propane. All things are do-able but there are many decisions and choices to be made.
In the meantime, on our sheep rounds Swift and I were on the look out for signs of Spring in Devon.
Lovely lamb's tail catkins appearing along the river bank.
Snowdrops pushing up on the river bank.
I know that we have a forecast across the country for some cold weather coming in but these little signs are a promise of things to come! :)
Swift is working on her modelling career! Isn't she beautiful?

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