Saturday, 25 February 2017

Spring is springing!

Well as the time races past us there are new signs of Spring all the time now. Our glorious mid Devon countryside is showing that it is beginning to wake from it's winter slumber and we can only hope that the winter does not have too big a sting in it's tail.
We have had some stunning weather and the sheep across the valley have returned to their home fields for lambing. We only have a few left to lamb for this year and our early lambs that were born in November are now about to be weaned. We have been picking out which of the females are looking particularly good and with good pedigree that we want to keep to add to our breeding flock next year. 
In addition to the movement of livestock around the area the flora is also beginning to change. We now have daffodils, primrose and periwinkles to add to the snowdrops in the banks. Several trees and shrubs are also beginning to burst out of bud and into leaf.

 We have been discussing what is required for a solar powered water pump to get the water for the Shepherd huts pumped from the planned borehole. On the way to the field for a site visit the pump man was very taken with this gorgeous old tree in the bank. It will be almost exactly opposite the entrance to the Glamping site. It is pretty impressive, isn't it?

It is very exciting to think that all the power used for our glamping guests will be renewable and eco friendly. We are now waiting to hear about work starting for the water supply.
The other exciting plans for this week is a visit to the hut builders on Tuesday to discuss possible layouts and some of the detail for the actual huts that we will be having built. Exciting times!!

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